Skill IT Support Must Have

IT Support is an important position and part and must be in a company, institution, or all service-oriented fields or anything that requires IT. Every activity in the company requires IT assistance such as computers, LCDs, printers, Wi-Fi, and others. The use of IT in this modern era is very vital and has become a basic necessity. Without IT Support, the company or organization will find it difficult to prepare and handle IT such as installation, networking, and so on.

In work or tasks that are carried out by IT Support, it cannot only be based on theory, but it requires skills or the ability to overcome any problems that occur.

Here are some skills or abilities that IT Support must master:

Mastering and understanding Microsoft applications.
Expertise in assembling computer installations.
Understand wired and wireless networks.
Master programmer.
Can repair network quickly.
Able to protect computers from viruses or irresponsible parties who want to disrupt the system.

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