IT Support is an important position and part and must be in a company, institution, or all service-oriented fields or anything that requires IT. Every activity in the company requires IT assistance such as computers, LCDs, printers, Wi-Fi, and others. The use of IT in this modern era is veryContinue Reading

IT Support is a technician in an organization or company who has responsibility for installation, evaluation, and improvement of three main objects such as computers, software, and network system development. What are the positions and career paths of IT Support? Many, including a help desk analyst, computer systems analyst, orContinue Reading

Most businesses have limitations on their resources, which of course is a determining factor for the success of your business. Good performance but not supported by adequate infrastructure will result in something that is not optimal. For this reason, it is necessary to have a managed service provider that handlesContinue Reading

As a solution that can be used to improve company performance, the implementation of managed services must cover certain areas accordingly. What fields usually require IT Support managed services? Datacenter The role of managed services in the data center sector is to mitigate disasters in the event of database damage,Continue Reading